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Do you want to install a power point in your house? Or maybe one in each room? No matter how many power points you need, Paramount Power is here to help you. Established in 2016, Paramount Power is the name you should trust when it comes to power point installation in Perth.

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Professional Power Point Installation in Perth

We understand that you may want to consider the cost of installing each power point in your property before deciding on the number of power points. We are just a call away from providing free quotations.

You can even email us your details so that we can provide all the information about the cost of each power point and the additional installation charges. We can also provide same-day service if you want. All the power points we install come with a lifetime workmanship warranty and a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Why you need professional help

The primary electrical source in your property is the power points. This means you need to hire a specialist who knows how to connect the power point to your electric system. At Paramount Power, we have certified and licensed electricians who will take care of the installations. This ensures that the power points are properly installed, keeping all the safety precautions in mind.

If any non-authorised installers try to install power points in your property and break the unit, you may not be able to claim for warranty. Additionally, the installer may also damage the existing wiring, leading to risks of short circuits.

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How do we install power points?

Once you agree to hire us, we set up a date when our electrician can visit your property and install the power points. You can tell him the most suitable in your rooms to install the units. Accordingly, the electrician will unpack the power points, join them in with your electric supply, and install them in the places you want. We can install power points both on cavity walls, surface mount conduits or chased into the wall.

Before installing, the electrician will check the existing connections, cables, and junction points to ensure that the new power points don’t malfunction in any way. He will also run multiple checks after completing the installation to see whether the power points are working properly. He will also explain what you need to do in case of power failures, how to clean the power points, and adjust the settings.

Two power points are usually sufficient per room. You can install more for bigger rooms in your house. Once you decide, give us a call at 0416 294 303 or fill out the contact form to reach out to us and get a free quotation.


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