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Paramount Power is the company to call when you need an expert electrician for commercial properties in Perth. We have years in the lighting business so we are installation experts and we can also advise you on the best industrial lighting to choose.

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If you have a large business you know what it takes to keep it going. Electricity is crucial for almost everything that goes on in commercial property. Having your industrial lighting installation handled by an inexperienced person can cause trouble for you down the line in the form of high bills and malfunctioning equipment.

Save yourself the pain and choose a professional electrician with experience in industrial lighting.

Things To Consider With Industrial Lighting

The Amount Of Heat Emitted

Most commercial spaces require a large number of employees and having lights that get hot can become unbearable, create a poor working environment and amount to large air conditioning electricity bills. It is best to choose lights that do not emit too much heat for the comfort of everyone in the building.


Sure, you can choose lighting that is cheap for the commercial building but beware that this may mean that you will pay more later. When choosing the lighting it is advisable to think of durability rather than the cost. It enables you to spend less once the lighting has been installed.

Environmentally-Friendly Lighting

You should aim to create an environmentally-friendy working space for the employees so pick lighting that is eco friendly. Ensure that there are no toxic emissions from the bulbs and other appliances in the place.

Noisy/Noiseless Lighting

Some bulbs emit a buzzing sound when switched on and this can be unbearable for people with sensory issues. It is important to choose the proper lighting for the property.

Choosing Paramount Power is a good idea as we will help you make the right choice. Call us today for your industrial lighting installation.

Why Choose Us

1) Licensed

We have the certification to do industrial lighting which means that you can rest assured that the work is handled professionally.

2) Experienced

We have been in the industry for years and know what it takes to install industrial lighting. We can also point business owners towards the right products for commercial lighting for their properties.

3) Efficient And Affordable

We install your lighting with the expertise to ensure that you do not encounter any problems in the future. We also offer reasonable prices for the job.

4) Energy-Efficient Industrial Lighting

LED lighting is the best type to use for industrial complexes because it gives maximum energy with lower energy costs.

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