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At Paramount Power our aim is to provide people in the Perth area with cost-effective air conditioning solutions to make their environments more comfortable and efficient. We believe that efficient climate control is more than just installing an air conditioning unit. Rather it is helping each individual client to make the right choices that will improve the quality of air in their unique environment to the benefit of everyone involved.

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Finding the Right Solution

Our expert team of air conditioning technicians are highly trained and educated to carefully consider the relevant factors surrounding a particular location. We all work together around the concepts of pride and fulfillment we get from a job well done. Each job is approached with the attitude that we have the knowledge and experience to provide the best quality materials and expertise required for a successful outcome.

Why Air Conditioning Matters in Perth

Perth with its hot and dry weather has more hours of sunshine than any other capital in Australia. Many homes install air conditioning units to help control indoor temperatures during extremely hot days and nights.

During the summer months when it can become almost unbearably hot, homeowners take the precaution of getting ready by installing an air conditioning unit that is most suitable for their needs. Four of the most common air conditioning units to choose from include:

Ducted Air Conditioning Units

These air cons have a central fan coil that is installed in the roof cavity. This fan coil is connected to all rooms or offices through ducts which allows the entire building to be cooled. Some ducted systems allow various temperatures to be set for individual rooms.

These temperature controlled zones are operated from a wall sensor with a zone controller that makes it easy to choose the desired temperature. These air con units are capable of cooling down a large area of space. They are particularly suitable for newly constructed buildings or when doing major renovations on an existing building.

Split System Air Conditioning

This one of the most common types of air con units that connect to a wall. As the name suggests the unit is split into two – an indoor fan coil responsible for blowing air into the room and a condenser installed on the outside of the wall.

The main benefits are its affordable price, ease of installation, and flexibility as it can be mounted to any room and installation will not interfere with major structural elements in the building.

Multi-System Air conditioning

Based on a split system this unit has several indoor units all connected to one outdoor unit. These units are energy efficient, affordable, flexible, with adjustable temperatures for each room.

Portable Air Conditioning Units

The main benefits of portable air conditioning units are that they are movable, affordable, and usually do not need professional installation. They are more suitable for smaller areas.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Air Conditioner

There are many brands and types of air conditioners on the market to choose from. some things to consider before making a decision are:

  • The cooling capacity required for each room or an entire building
  • Factors like cost, noise, and aesthetics that are important to your environment
  • Understanding the pros and cons, benefits, maintenance, and any special requirements of the type of unit you plan to buy.

Installing the wrong sized unit for a certain sized room can result in heafty power bills and failure to reach desirable temperatures.

You can trust Paramount Power in Perth to provide fast installation of high performance, highly efficient, innovative, and guaranteed air conditioners. Call us today for a free on-site assessment and quote.

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